Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Michele Duell, President

With more than 30 years of experience in cybersecurity, enterprise systems development, and IT program management, Michele founded PPC with a goal of helping clients achieve both profitability and sustainability through effective business practices. She believes in protecting your company's resources by using best practices, providing tailored services to small businesses, associations, and non-profit organizations that PPC serves.

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Sara L. Martin, Technical Lead

Sara designs solutions and works to improve client processes through efficient use of enterprise software. In addition to web application and design, her 15-year multi-disciplinary career has led her to become a problem solver who speaks the languages of both technology and business.

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Charity Berberich, Business Analyst

Charity is the liaison between customers and developers. In an effort to maximize users' software use efficiency, Charity works to discover what each user needs, and writes requirements for developing specifications for that software. Subsequently, Charity tests, does quality assurance, and trains the customer. Her role is vital in the process of customizing software solutions for each of the nonprofits, associations, and small businesses that Process Point serves. For more than a decade, she has worked with government contractors in an accounting, financial, or project management capacity.


LDI Inc.

Since its establishment in 1999, LDI, Inc. has assisted federal agencies and companies of every size in developing and implementing sound and secure infrastructures and operational practices for their online presence.  As a PPC teaming partner, LDI brings:

  • In-depth knowledge of data security standards, privacy requirements, and best business practices.
  • Decades of experience with multi-vendor/multi-platform computing environments.
  • An exemplary history of quality service and deliverables.
  • Commitment to helping you protect your organization’s sensitive information. 

Dragonfly Communications

Dragonfly Communications is a small, minority, woman-owned firm with a mission to serve organizations that are focused on building communities. Whether a small business, or well-established nonprofit or company, Dragonfly develops and connects the right message to the right audience.